Teen Classes

Keeping Las Vegas Teenagers On The Right Track Using The Power of Martial Arts

Our teenagers have so many more things to worry about these days.WCG2013D1-0150

At Hiro Karate we know that today’s teens are smart, talented and have lots of creative energy and potential. Most of them just need a place to channel that energy and make it positive.

That’s why we offer martial arts programs that teach successful life skills while keeping your teen interested, engaged and around positive role models and peers.

Our Karate Program helps teens acquire the skills they need to become independent self-starters who can set and achieve goals.

Here’s the best part….

All of our programs are designed to teach teens the life skills they need to succeed. It’s built right into the curriculum. We show them how what they learn in their martial arts training applies to the rest of their lives. Plus, the increased activity can help them get fit and begin a healthy life-style.

We have a proven track record!

It’s Easy To Start…

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