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Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

We love Hiro Karate! Sensei HIROSHI ALLEN, is an awesome, disciplined teacher who works extremely well with our 10yr old son Xavier! Xavier wishes he could come here everyday, it's been great!... Read More

Lupe Hoff

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

My boys have been here since Fall of 2015, I did a lot of research with other dojos before joining and so glad I found HIROKARATE. I love the aspect of sports conditioning training. I know my boys will be better athletes because of this. They also have fun and learn so much! Highly recommend! ... Read More

Lareina Monroy Casimiro

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

This review is LONG overdue!!! Hiroshi has been training my oldest daughter for almost 7 years and my youngest for 4 years. He is absolutely the gold standard in coaching!!! The kids respect him in a way I have never experienced. He is firm but calm and has a special way with his students. I call it 'magic'! He is such a positive influence and someone who you want your children to learn from. He ... Read More

Trini Bellettini

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

Kids Martial Arts

Take advantage of our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Summerlin today and treat your child to the most exciting instruction in town. We work with students of all ages and abilities, building vital skills every day!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

Teen Martial Arts

Help your teen develop confidence, discipline, and more with our Teen Martial Arts Classes in Summerlin. Students of all abilities thrive in our classes with individualized instruction and unwavering support.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin

Adult Martial Arts

Try out a brand new workout today with our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Summerlin. We're offering you an obligation-free opportunity to try these classes out and see the benefits with your own eyes!

High-Quality Classes For All Ages

At Hiro Karate, we're committed to offering you the highest quality instruction in town, bringing years of professional experience to classes for all ages and abilities. Head instructor Hiroshi Allen spent more 40 years of his life competing at the highest levels of Shotokan Karate and now he's dedicated to passing on that knowledge to everyone in Summerlin. Whether you're training for recreation or competition, our classes are second-to-none. Learn the basics and build your skills from the ground up while getting in great shape at the same time. Karate offers students of all ages and a wide range of skills and character traits and we can't wait for you to enjoy them all. GET STARTED TODAY or learn more by filling out the short form on your screen!

Hiro Karate

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Confidence & Self-Esteem in Summerlin - Hiro Karate

Confidence & Self-Esteem

There are a wealth of benefits that come from healthy self-confidence from helping you manage fears and maintain a positive mental attitude. Train with us and you'll discover there is no better way to build your confidence then with the Martial Arts.

Discipline & Self-Control in Summerlin - Hiro Karate

Discipline & Self-Control

With self-discipline comes all kinds of beneficial improvements to your life including advanced focus, new found respect, better health & fitness along with having an easier time at work or school. The bedrock of Martial Arts is founded on teaching discipline and self-control to its students.

Self-Defense in Summerlin - Hiro Karate


Knowledge of Self-Defense produces advantages far beyond looking cool and hoisting trophies. With these skills you'll learn to defend yourself in a variety of situations, whether life-threatening or you're being bullied in school. Not only that, but you'll gain the confidence to use - or not use - these skills to keep you and your family safe.

New Friends & Mentors in Summerlin - Hiro Karate

New Friends & Mentors

Our team is dedicated to your success. Whether that means pushing you to your limits, being a friend in a time of need or spending extra time to show you a technique you're struggling with, our community is here to make you feel comfortable and safe while having fun and learning effective techniques.

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