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Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Lupe Hoff

We love Hiro Karate! Sensei HIROSHI ALLEN, is an awesome, disciplined teacher who works extremely well with our 10yr old son Xavier! Xavier wishes he could come here everyday, it's been great!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Lareina Monroy Casimiro

My boys have been here since Fall of 2015, I did a lot of research with other dojos before joining and so glad I found HIROKARATE. I love the aspect of sports conditioning training. I know my boys will be better athletes because of this. They also have fun and learn so much! Highly recommend!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Moni Amandla

This is the first sport my son has ever done and I am beyond impressed with Hiroshi! Everyone here has been super kind and helpful. It is the perfect mixture of discipline, support, and character building. Coming to Las Vegas from Ohio, we are blessed to have found this dojo.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Trini Bellettini

This review is LONG overdue!!! Hiroshi has been training my oldest daughter for almost 7 years and my youngest for 4 years. He is absolutely the gold standard in coaching!!! The kids respect him in a way I have never experienced. He is firm but calm and has a special way with his students. I call it 'magic'! He is such a positive influence and someone who you want your children to learn from. He is incredibly humble, kind and all around amazing! We highly recommend Hiro Karate!!!!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Noel Casimiro

Highly recommend Hiro Karate studio over any other. It's been a blessing to see my kids develop discipline, focus, control and mindset.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Nancy Cristina

This is a place where your child (or yourself) can learn self defense or take it to the next level and train with National and International Champions. Come and see it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.
Our Shihan (Japanese martial arts as an honorific title or "master instructor"), Hiroshi Allen, has unparalleled experience and World titles, too many to mention here, but his resumé is available to see.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Adam Funk

I have always been fascinated by the martial arts - and I have always wanted to do it despite being born with Cerebral Palsy. I found Hiro Karate and was immediately drawn to it, initially for the private classes. After meeting with me for five minutes, he told me that in a year I would be doing competitions. Instead of doing private sessions, he has me involved directly with the other students, doing the exact same exercises and drills that they are, at the exact pacing.

I have gone through twenty, yes twenty, surgeries. Everything from my head to my feet has steel rods and screws and plates. It has been about four weeks now, and I can already see an improvement! I am moving muscles and parts of my body that I have not physically moved for seventeen years. My core muscles are getting stronger. My posture is getting better. My attitude is so much more positive and productive than it has ever been.

I finally have a gi - which I consider a great honor - as I have never felt so much at home or so much as part of a group as I do when I am with Master Hiro and the other students.

"Don't insult Adam! Kick him!" - Master Hiro

As strange as it is to hear, that statement has opened the eyes of everyone who heard it - on and off the mat. It means don't be afraid to give Adam everything you have, because he is willing to give us everything he has.

I have never heard more compassionate, patient, and accepting words from anyone....ever. Working with Master HIro and the others has changed my life in so many ways: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally.

If you want a good place to learn patience, discipline, honesty, integrity, compassion, and more, you need not look any further than Hiro Karate. Everyone there is really super nice and supportive and patient, and Master Hiro always has really good stories and lessons to pass on - and not just about technique - but about life.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Benjamin Logue

I trained at Hiroshi's dojo many years ago. He instilled within me the most important principles of Martial Arts, discipline, and autonomy. Hiroshi is a wonderful Sensei, and an absolute role model to whom any young man or woman should look up. I carry his teachings within myself daily, for they still ring with truth so many years later. Thanks for everything, Sensei!!!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Tyler Perkins

All three of my girls, 5, 7, and 8, are students of Sensei Hiroshi and my wife and I can not say enough great things about their personal growth and development with Hiroshi's excellent guidance and training. Not only are they more disciplined we have noticed that their ability in other sports has been elevated due to the training approach that Hiro Karate uses.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Mark Derryberry

Learning martial arts, getting in shape and enjoying competition. These are but a few great things you can achieve at Hiro karate.

Kids learn discipline and self control in an enjoyable atmosphere, all the while learning life-long skills and lessons.

If your child wants to get into Olympic style karate to compete against world athletes, then this is the one and only place in the valley where you will get training from one of the best coaches in the country.

Try it out. I'll bet you like it!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Carolyn Chen

Excellent teacher with integrity and skills. He's not into charging fees here and there, instead he sincerely wants your child to learn karate. He is a very diligent and dedicated teacher. I highly recommend it.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Robert Cullen

One if the best dojo's in Vegas! Hiroshi is a very good instructor and the new dojo is professional and kool

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Roxana Vergara

I love the cleanest and neatest of the Dojo Studio and the Professionalism of the Teacher and his staff, I am defenetly going to recommend it to all my friends.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Jeremy Shimmer

He is one of the great instructors. I trained with him for years.

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Elba Garcia

Very very professional!!!!

Kids Martial Arts Summerlin
Malek Marius


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