Respectful – Athletic – Confident – Focused – A Little Leader…

two kidsA Fast-Paced and Fun-Filled Class That Holds Their Attention and Gets ‘Em Sweatin’ Smilin’ and Learnin’

You’ll Be Proud & Amazed By What Your Little One Can Accomplish With Our Pre-School Martial Arts Program.

  • Are you looking for a fun activity that your child will love but also gain some valuable benefits from?
  • Do you know in your heart that really positive development will not happen for your child by chance?
  • Do you want your little one to acquire mental and physical skills that some kids twice their age still haven’t mastered yet?

Most Importantly— Do you want them to have FUN?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you’ve made it to the right website.

At Hiro Karate here in Las Vegas We’ve Got A “Little” Secret That Gives a Select Few Kids an Early Edge in Life.

Your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. He/She will learn how to work with others and follow directions.

He/She will learn from awesome role models who are trained specifically to work with preschool-aged children.

The Young Achievers curriculum consists of developing Physical Skills and Mental Skills that are necessary for excellence in any sport or activity.

There’s More!

But the best way for you to check our Pre-School Martial Arts Program is to Try It With No Risk!

This way – we can meet you and you can meet us. We’ll start off by getting to know your child.

We’ll show him or her a few karate techniques. Your child will be having so much fun he won’t even realize he’s learning crucial life and success skills.

And don’t worry! None of this is “violent” – we actually guarantee that our Pre-School Martial Arts students will never hit, kick or punch their peers. We teach them our “Young Martial Artist Code of Honor.”

Here’s how to Start…

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