7 – 12 Years Old

Our children’s beginner classes can accommodate children ages 7-12 years old. Martial Arts Classes at Hiro Karate are designed to create a motivating and structured environment in which children can learn valuable skills while they have fun.two kids

Beginner martial arts classes are great for improving the physical skills, mental alertness and listening skills of students. These skills, along with the self-confidence that is gained from learning martial arts, can help children to succeed in school and life.

Enrolling your child in karate classes can be a great way for him/her to learn discipline, focus and respect. Martial arts helps children along the path of success in just about any activity they do. The goal-setting lessons will help develop your child’s perseverance and drive after they attend just a few classes!

Karate classes are like no other organized sport in that every child gets to participate and learn equally. Our upbeat instructors and classes will help young children learn how to deal with bullies, negative confrontations and peer pressure while improving their mental focus and their physical aptitude.

Try Us! We want to meet your family and make sure Hiro Karate is right for you.