5 & 6 Years Old

Kids_VictoryJust like instructor Hiroshi, children can begin to be instructed in the art of karate from the age of five. Our children’s beginner classes can accommodate young children up to 12 years old, and they are designed to create a motivating and structured environment in which children can learn skills and have fun while doing so. Beginner classes are great for improving the motor skills and listening skills of children who are in the early stages of development. These skills, along with the self-confidence that is gained from learning a martial art, can help children to succeed in school.

Older children who take the beginner class will improve their physical fitness while learning the basic moves of karate, which will include kicks, blocks, strikes and stances. For children who suffer from behavioral disorders, including attention deficit disorder, taking karate classes can be a great way to learn discipline, focus and respect. Years of dynamic karate classes can help children along the path of success in just about any activity they do, but you’ll likely see an increase in your child’s perseverance and drive after they attend just a few classes!

Hiro Karate classes will instill confidence in your child, and they are varied enough to keep everyone interested and coming back for more! Karate classes are like no other organized sport in that every child gets to participate and learn equally. Our upbeat instructors and classes will help young children learn how to deal with bullies, negative confrontations and peer pressure while improving their mental focus and their physical aptitude.