WCG2013D2-0056One of our missions at Hiro Karate is to work with any individual, no matter what age or skill level. We offer several adult martial arts classes that fit a variety of ages and skill levels. No matter if you’ve never practiced karate before or are working on a black belt, we have a class that will be perfect for you.

Learning karate is a fun and engaging alterative to “the gym scene.” Not only does it help people blow off some steam and relieve stress – martial arts gets you in shape and helps you gain additional mental focus as well. Our karate classes can improve your flexibility and pliability, improve your abdominal core and help you build upper body and lower body strength.

At Hiro Karate, all of our adult martial arts classes are fun and dynamic. In order to keep our students interested in what they are doing and to keep our students training at their peak levels, we run fast-paced classes that are always on the move. We’ll “push you” and motivate you to be your best.

Try Us. No Obligation. Experience Martial Arts at Hiro Karate.